Sexy NIS RPG Revealed, Great Edo Blacksmith For PS Vita

There’s something romantic about mining dungeons for raw materials, crafting swords, shields and armor, and earning an honest living. Well, there isn’t really, but Nippon Ichi Software’s latest title will have you believing otherwise. Great Edo Blacksmith, a “moderately ecchi” RPG, tasks players with spending the remainder of their life as a blacksmith.

The game, which includes elements of dungeon crawling and business management, also features some erotic lady-rubbing aspects that utilize the Vita’s touchscreen functionality to its fullest extent. You see, no blacksmith can survive without a loving lady to creepily lust over. Thankfully, there are three whose hearts you’ll have the option of capturing:

  • Kiyoka – Her trademark is a side-ponytail. She boasts a positive attitude, but is a tad dimwitted.
  • Asaka – She’s great with money and customer service, though she likes to keep her public and private lives separate.
  • Yuugiri – She’s beautiful in face and figure. However, she’s also something of a klutzy pessimist.

The report makes no mention of a western release date, but Japanese gamer’s can expect to get their naughty metalworking dreams fulfilled on November 27, 2014.

Arigato, Gematsu.