NVIDIA Shield Tablet Announced

NVIDIA has announced a new product in its Shield line – a high-end tablet. The tablet will be available in 12GB Wi-Fi and 32GB 4G LTE models, with the former costing $300 and the latter costing $400. An all-new SHIELD wireless controller will be released as well for $60, with a cover available for the tablet carrying a $40 price tag. The controller appears to be largely identical to the original Shield device, but with a touchpad on the bottom of the front and touch buttons for Android and PC controls. There will also be a mic for voice search – so this thing is loaded with some good features. The inclusion of a touchpad means that OUYA Everywhere support should be just about perfect if it comes to the Shield as well. The revamped Shield product line will be coming out in the United States and Canada on July 22, marking a fairly high turnaround time from reveal to release.  European gamers can buy it on August 14.