Pokemon Inspired “Collectems” Coming to PS Vita, PlayStation 4

Few games hold the weight of Pokemon’s widespread adoration. The games, toys, cards, TV shows and even pajama bottoms can be found on every continent, and despite being as old as most of its fans, Pokemon hasn’t dwindled much in popularity since its launch in 1996. Without a drop on the horizon, and games constantly in development, it’s about time someone exploit that fan-base properly.

Enter Collectems, the latest title from tiny developer Layabouts. The game, which is heavily inspired by the original Pokemon titles features an open, non-linear world with the “character interaction of Majora’s Mask,” the “strategic management of X-COM,” and the “randomization of games like The Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy.”

Collectems employs the design qualities that sparked the intrigue of millions way back when, with the added benefit of difficulty levels – including permanent death, health penalties and more. Various paths and choices coupled with enduring consequences will make for an experience that can be replayed to your hearts content.

Although the game is still early in its development, I can confirm that the chiptunes are spot on. The visuals on the other hand, well, they’ll take some getting used to. For more information, check out the games full feature list. While there’s no release date to speak of, confirmed platforms include: PC, Mac, PS Vita and PlayStation 4.