Take a Trip to Viking Purgatory in Jotun

Kickstarters come and go all the time. As such, it’s often hard to get excited for many these days. With that said, Jotun is one of the rare Kickstarter projects that has a new, engaging concept and already looks awesome.

Jotun is based around Viking culture and Norse mythology which are rarely utilized in games. It stars a Norse warrior named Thora who unfortunately died without glory. As such, she must travel through a Viking version of hell in hopes of eventually making it to Valhalla.

The game is being described as “Journey mixed with the scale of the boss fights in Shadow of the Colossus” which, if relatable to the final product, sounds like a great idea. Right now there are early bird tiers to get a digital copy of Jotun for only $10 (Canadian). The funding period ends on August 20th.