The Legend Of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (Finally) Dated for Steam

The wait is finally over. After months and months of silence, delays and misinformation, XSEED Games have announced that their PC edition of the coveted Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky will be releasing on Steam next week. In the announcement, the publisher also revealed the title’s $20 price point, which is a damn steal considering how massive an RPG it is. For those that pick it up within its first week of launch, they’ll net themselves an additional 15 percent off, which isn’t too shabby either.

For the uninitiated, Trails in the Sky is an enhanced version of the original PSP title. With this new PC iteration, we get HD resolutions, faster load times, as well as customizable controls. This is on top of the improvements already back-ported from the PSP release, such as New Game +, English battle voices and selectable difficulty options after the first playthrough.

You can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be covering the game upon its release, with our own review going up shortly thereafter. Be sure to check back to see what our verdict is.