EA Racing Sale Hits Steam – Save 75% on Burnout Paradise and Need For Speed Franchise

While the Steam site itself just lists Hot Pursuit as on sale in the thumbnail, every Need For Speed game available on Steam is actually discounted by 75%. As a nice bonus, so is Burnout Paradise.

  • Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – $4.99
  • Need For Speed: Shift – $4.99
  • Shift 2: Unleashed – $4.99
  • Need For Speed Undercover – $2.49
  • Burnout Paradise – The Ultimate Box – $4.99

Of these offerings, Hot Pursuit is the easiest one to recommend followed by Burnout Paradise. The EA Racing Pack is the real value here though, as it gives you everything listed above for only $17.49. This is a $5 savings over getting every game on its own, and would minimize the loss from a duplicate game (which you can always gift to someone if you so desire). These deals extend until 1 PM EST on Friday July 25, so act quickly if you want anything on sale here.