Epiphany Games Announces Majestic Nights: Season One With Free Chapter Zero

I adore the 1980s. I was born in the decade and it’s led to some of my fondest TV memories long after it ended. Miami Vice was a show I loved in the mid-’00s, and remains one of the few shows from that era I can watch in an unironic way. While Hotline Miami and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City have used an ’80s setting perfectly, very few games have really made use of it. Now, Epiphany Games is going to set their RPG Majestic Nights in it and I can’t wait. The trailer on the official site shows off a lot of ’80s clips to really get you in the mood, and it seems like we’ll be getting a Cold War adventure base on the political clips shown and the chapter rundown on the site. The first part of the game is entitled Chapter Zero and will be released free of charged on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android before the full game. Every version will have full controller support as well. It’ll be an isometric RPG, which can be tricky, so hopefully it nails the controls because those were taxing during the height of the genre and have only been executed well rarely. Super Mario RPG comes to mind immediately as a game that made use of that perspective and could actually be controlled easily, while Landstalker failed in that regard.