Last Call for Extra-Rare Class of Heroes 2G PS3 Physical Edition

Collector’s Edition isn’t a phrase that’s got much meaning left, and even Limited Edition isn’t the same thing as rare.  Class of Heroes 2G, on the other hand, is going to be a limited edition that earns the title.  Pre-sales have been open since June 23 but the final date for ordering is July 27, and that’s a date that’s approaching with an alarming rapidity.  Once the reservation period is over the orders will be tallied, discs and assorted goodies printed, and everyone gets what they paid for with nothing left over beyond maybe a few spares to cover possible lost/damage issues.  At the moment that looks to be in the range of 2100 copies, making Class of Heroes 2G one of the rarest PS3 games around.  Not the rarest, of course, because other games have had giant boxed sets packed with figurines and other goodies to supplement the more common versions, with production runs in the low triple digits, but if you missed the fancy rare edition the regular one is always around to fill the gaming content void in your soul.  Class of Heroes 2G is only getting the single printing of its one physical version to go with its digital download, and for those who understand that a physical copy is owned in a way that download can never be, time is just about up.

Class of Heroes 2G is the updated PS3 version of the PSP game, which got all-around solid reviews on its initial release last year.  The PS3 version adds a hi-res intro, new monsters and music, and even a new dungeon.  On top of that, you can use a PSP or Vita as a second screen, Wii U-style, to give extra info like character and map info, enemy descriptions, and other details.  The polygonal graphics of the dungeons still show their PSP roots, but the 2D character and creature art looks sharp and clear.  This is the definitive edition of Class of Heroes 2, and once Gaijinworks’ pre-sale is over this coming Sunday then the only way to get a copy for your shelf will be the tender ministrations and hyperinflated prices of eBay.