Latest Retail Costume Trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV has been available as a digital upgrade since June, 2014. On 5 August, 2014 the game will be released as a standalone retail disc for a budget RRP of $39.99.

The retail release is great value for money for those who have yet to get into the Street Fighter IV community, but even collectors will probably want to pick it up just for the satisfaction of physical ownership.

As an incentive, those who purchase the retail edition of Ultra Street Fighter IV will have access to every previously released costume for every character.

Stated on the official Ultra Street Fighter IV website:

Consumers who purchase the retail or full download version will also receive all previously released costume DLC for the Street Fighter IV series (a $40 value) for free, making it the most complete offering of the game ever!

Capcom just recently released a new trailer for the costumes on offer in the retail edition, which you can check out below. You can also view the first costume trailer. While you’re doing that, be sure to check out our Ultra Street Fighter IV review.