Pac-Man and Friends and Pac-Man CEDX Announced at San Diego Comic Con

The San Diego Comic Con has evolved from being a small gathering for comic book fans to a giant cluster of everything related to pop culture. It’s become the place to go for big announcements, and now Bandai Namco has announced two new entries in the Pac-Man franchise. Pac-Man Friends offers up maze-based action using the original Pac-Man cast. There are 95 stages set across six worlds, and performing well unlocks nine additional characters. Social media functionality is built into the game, allowing you to beat your friends’ high scores whenever you want to. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX follows up on what is easily my personal favorite Pac-Man game ever. You get score attack, time attack, and ghost combo modes playable in over 150 stages. Pac-Man Friends hits mobile devices this September, while Pac-Man CEDX is scheduled for a late November 2014 release.