Latest Influent DLC Brings Mother Russia to Steam

Over the years, many have died for Mother Russia. Also, many have killed, drank, danced, cheered, and inconspicuously vanished for Mother Russia. But nothing celebrates the spirit of collectivity quite like learning for Mother Russia, and that’s exactly what Influent’s latest DLC let’s you do.

Introducing the Russian language pack, allowing Influent users – or newcomers interested in fiddling with the Slavic tongue – to study 420 nouns, verbs and adjectives in a 3D environment. Those unfamiliar with Influent should look no further than our review, which praises the game for its ease of use and enjoyable systems. So if you’re Russian to learn a new language, you’d be hard pressed to find a method more entertaining.

From our review:

“Its best feature, outside of any obvious educational benefits, is that Influent feels very much like a video game. Where most programs would have you sift through walls of text, painfully memorizing bits and pieces at a time, Influent has you explore, on your own terms, a game space chock-full of interactive study points. Indeed, it’s not the end-all educational tool, but you’ll walk away satisfied with your accomplishments and, in terms of vocabulary, more prepared to cross further barriers in your language of choice. For a starting price of $10, and with each additional language set costing a mere $5, there’s no reason not to jump aboard, if only to tinker with its innovative approach to study.”

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