The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Coming to 3DS After All?

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth was originally envisioned as a 3DS game in 2012, but due to Nintendo having issues with its “questionable religious content,” the game was rejected from the platform. So instead Nicalis decided to take the game PS4/PS3. Today, however, the developer posted a long-winded article about said port, but inside hyperlinked three characters to a five second video. Titled “Gex Remake,” the video has a 3D filter over it. This would already be suspicious if not for the fact that the three characters hyperlinked were “3” “D” and “S.”

That combined with the 3D filter in the video leads us to believe that Nicalis is indeed teasing a 3DS port of the game. Well, that or a Gex remake.

Check out the video below: