The Last of Us Deleted Epilogue Scene Acted Out Live (Synopsis Inside)

Wrapping up just minutes ago, “The Last of Us: One Night Live” was a magical experience where the events of the game were acted out live on stage by the character’s voice actors and the game’s musical score was performed live. Besides the main festivities, a surprise was included in the form of a live read of the deleted epilogue scene. Unfortunately, the epilogue will never be shown or acted out again, but here’s a synopsis:

The scene takes place at Tommy’s dam one night four years after the events of the game. Ellie is in her room listening to music when Joel enters the room and strikes up a conversation. He mentions that Tommy is trying to set him up with a woman in the camp named Esther. Ellie seems distant until Joel takes out a guitar and sings a song for her. They joke before Joel gives her the guitar and promises to teach her how to play. The scene ends with her strumming a string on the guitar.

So there you have it — the original epilogue for the game. Do you wish it would have been included? Does it lessen or heighten the emotional impact at the end of the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.