Mount Your Friends Wobbles Onto Steam

The Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace was an amazing place to download indie games – if you knew what to look for. One of the most suprising gems was Mount Your Friends. Unfortunately, many missed out on it thanks to the supremely cluttered XBLIG landscape (and moving onto other platforms). Gamers can no longer claim ignorance as Mount Your Friends now graces Steam!

Mount Your Friends is a simple game that may feel similar to QWOP and other weirdly-controlled titles. Assuming the role of a random muscular, speedo-clad man, the player must climb and grab while controlling each limb separately. Each arm and leg is mapped to a different button which makes it very easy to twist, flail, and fail. The game has single or multiplayer modes which work in both local and online capacity.

The main mode, for which the game is named, focuses around “mounting” the other players. Basically, you need to climb higher than them before a timer runs out. This ends in giant masses of muscular dudes in ridiculous poses all heaped atop one another. Of course, you can’t forget the penis physics which put the likes of Dead or Alive to shame.

You can buy Mount Your Friends for $3.99 on its first week, which is 10% off.