OUYA Sends Owners $5 For Toto Temple Deluxe

We loved Toto Temple Deluxe, and now, OUYA is allowing owners of the system to save $5 on it (or any other game). When Broken Age: Act 1 hit the OUYA, they sent out $5 promo codes via e-mail to folks, however, you could use that $5 for anything since it was added to your system-wide wallet. They’ve done the same thing here, but with Toto Temple Deluxe being the cited reason for the store credit. To redeem your credit, you just need to go to OUYA.tv and log in, then go to your account’s payment section and enter the voucher code you received. You can put it towards Toto Temple Deluxe if you want, or spend it on other must-have OUYA games like Duck Game, So Many Me, or  Shadow Blade.