Kaptain Brawe Hits OUYA Store, Gets Massive Steam Discount to $2.50

Kaptain Brawe has been out for a few years on PC, but hasn’t hit a console until now. The normally $10 game on PC can be yours for $5 on the OUYA, offering up a 50% savings right away. However, if you want to play it on PC, you can get it on Steam right now for $2.49 until August 5. The OUYA and its trackpad have enabled the system to work very well for point and click games, as Broken Age, Read Only Memories, and Kaptain Brawe show. This setup makes the OUYA a fantastic gateway device for console-centric players who aren’t used to the genre. Kaptain Brawe has gotten very mixed reviews, but it has a free demo on both PC and on the OUYA, so you can try it before you buy on whichever platform you prefer.