OUYA Everywhere Coming to WikiPad

The WikiPad tablet has been out for around a year, and is going to be the first portable device to get OUYA Everywhere. The OUYA Everywhere program just launched on the Mad Catz MOJO, and gives owners of any device that used it a wide variety of games. The system has over 800 games, including must-plays like So Many Me, Soul Fjord, Toto Temple Deluxe, Duck Game, Towerfall, Broken Age and Final Fantasy III. If you’ve already got an OUYA and a WikPad, then this gives you the ability to play the system’s games wherever you go. Bringing a system and controller, even one as small as the OUYA, can be a pain. But a controller/tablet hybrid like the WikiPad gives you a lot of gaming fun without running the risk of damaging or losing a console. Unfortunately, there’s no word on exactly when OUYA Everywhere is going to be released on the WikiPad, but as one of several OUYA owners who don’t own a WikiPad, this really makes it seem like an appealing purchase – it’s certainly a better value with OUYA Everywhere than without it.