Game Boy Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in North America

It was 25 years ago when the original Game Boy handheld landed on the palms of North American gamers. The handheld kick started the portal gaming industry we see today, and it is among the most influential, groundbreaking, and commercially successful consoles in history.

Its initial killer app was Tetris, a game that is still difficult to put down all these years later. By the time Pokemon landed on the system it became a unstoppable machine, and the Game Boy brand rode that momentum for years to come as its successors, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, continued to dominate the market. The brand may not be used by Nintendo anymore, but the DS and 3DS can attribute much of its success to the immortal reputation and esteem of the original Game Boy.

The Game Boy itself lives on in the 3DS eShop, and whether you dust off your old Game Boy or pick up a Virtual Console port from the eShop, let’s all enjoy the timeless classic that is the Game Boy.