Go Beyond The Destiny Level Cap, Unconventionally 

With a level cap of 20, it’s clear that Destiny isn’t all about XP farming and stat tinkering. There’s a lot more to it, and our own Matt Whittaker has detailed the beta’s offerings extensively. There’s no arduous journey to reach a state in which the world is your oyster – at level 20, every inch of the game is accessible to the player.

However, those who enjoy the grind – and high-level raids – won’t be left looking elsewhere. Instead, once the final level is reached, experience points will take the form of Motes of  Light. While the Motes of Light collected won’t increase your level by number, they’re required for crafting special stat boosting armor as well as weapons with a unique light attribute.

For now, here’s what we know for sure:

  • The entire world is open to players at level 20.
  • The current item cap revealed is 29.
  • A “light stat” exists – no clue what it does/affects.
  • High-level raids will require appropriately leveled items for a shot at success.
  • Bungie is terrible at naming armor.