Is Rayman the Next Super Smash Bros. Character?

A seemingly innocent slip of the tongue could be a hint at the next Super Smash Bros. character on the horizon. Nintendo of Canada’s Matt Ryan (no, not that Matt Ryan) said during a Console Creatures gameplay video that Rayman will be a playable character in the upcoming edition of Nintendo’s popular brawler franchise.

Ryan mentioned that fans are quite excited for PacMan to join the list of playable characters, then added that “Rayman and a bunch of others” were on the way. This information is especially curious considering a Rayman trophy was recently revealed. Adding Rayman would make a great deal of sense for Nintendo, as Rayman Legends was originally a Wii U exclusive before being delayed and released elsewhere. With the amount of quirkiness permeating the Rayman series, it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a unique set of moves for everyone’s favorite limb-free mascot.

[UPDATE 8/3]: Nintendo issued a statement on the rumor in which they clarified Ryan’s statement:

In the recent interview in Canada about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Rayman was mentioned, and this was referring to the previously announced Rayman trophy in the game.