Set Pander-factor To Overdrive with new Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos trailer

If there’s a gold standard for cheap pandering it’s got to be the Oneechanbara series.  Hot women in skimpy outfits bloodily dismembering zombie hordes (before zombies were so completely overplayed) is practically a checklist for lowest-common-denominator fun.  Like Earth Defense Force before it the series has tried to overcome it’s ultra-cheap roots, although not as successfully, but the new PS4 version is another chance to get it wrong in all the right ways.  The new trailer cranks the cheese-fest to 11, ladling on a wealth of bloody violence, gratuitous skin, bad dialogue, and utterly terrible (and terribly entertaining) j-pop.  Actual lyrics-

It’s time to heat it up
it’s time to light the fi-yre!
It’s my turn to pump it up
I want to take you hi-yer!

Nobody writes lyrics that painfully cliche by accident.  Oneechanbara Z2: Chaos is looking like a deep-fried macaroni & cheese ball of a video game, utterly irresistible no matter how cheap and junk-food-ish it may be.

Can you believe Tamsoft also made the adorable Guardian’s Crusade?