Ninja Pizza Girl Developer Jumps On Potato Salad Bandwagon

Disparity Games, developer of the upcoming title Ninja Pizza Girl (whose Kickstarter Campaign is currently short of its funding target with 9 days to go) have decided to embark on a last-ditch effort to “sell out in any way possible”, their words, not ours.

Jason Stark states:  “We thought long and hard about what the core messages of Ninja Pizza Girl are, and we realized that after the concepts of self-esteem, bullying and jumping off rooftops, the pizza stuff was just getting in the way. So now she delivers potato salad to D-list celebrities in order to meet Kim Kardashian”

“Whatever it takes for Ninja Pizza Girl to reach its goals, we’re not too proud to do it…  No bandwagon is too crazy for us to jump on in an effort for us to get the game out. If people want our hero Gemma to be a machine gun-wielding racoon who takes selfies in a 8-bit-themed level that looks like Flappy Birds, we’ll make it happen!”  added Nicole Stark.

The new title screen reveals the company’s last-minute approach at getting extra Kickstarter bucks from jumping on the bandwagon that got this campaign over fifty thousand dollars just from one man’s dream to make some potato salad.

Finally, we were given this last-minute special notice from the developer:  The gameplay changes detailed above were made up by Disparity Games, but the Kickstarter campaign seriously is in need of help. With nine days remaining the campaign still needs over $10,000 to reach its initial funding goal of bringing intense platforming action to Wii U, PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android gamers early next year.