Sign-Ups Open for Pokémon Super Speed Battles

The fun continues with a new competition during online Pokémon battles. Registration is now open if you’d like to compete in Super Speed Double Battles. The battles will begin Friday, August 8 and ends on Sunday.

This time there really is no time. In the Super Speed category, instead of allowing two minutes to check out your opponent’s team and choose your own, you only get fifteen seconds to decide. Then, during the fight when you’re usually given sixty seconds to pick an attack, you’ll just get twenty. Battles can last a half hour in regular battles but they shaved it all the way down to ten minutes.

This all means you better have some strategies picked out ahead of time or you’ll struggle. What makes it even more interesting is deciding whether speedy Pokémon are a better choice, hence the logo depicting some of the fastest. Check out the Pokémon website for all the details on signing up as well as all the rules.