Wing Commander III is Now On the House Via Origin

Mark Hamill is considered a voice acting legend, but his status at the time of Wing Commander III’s release was a bit less than iconic. He was well-respected for his then-newish role as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, but his live action work was still what he was largely judged by, and his top-tier work had dried up. Being in the TV movie/gaming star portion of a career can be a blessing though, and Hamill turned his Batman work into a lucrative, and now-legendary voice acting career that has spanned two decades. The Command and Conquer games have been more recent examples of so bad, it’s good acting, but the early ’90s FMV-filled games with minimal budgets and writing talent may have it beat. If you’d like to engage in some space shooting with Mark Hamill, and have an appreciation for cheesy acting, download the game now via Origin.