Bundle of Dreamcast SHMUPs Possibly Coming To Xbox 360

Just when you thought the 360 couldn’t get anymore shooters, it does. Seriously, though, last generation saw one of the healthiest eras for shoot’em ups, and it would seem that some developers and publishers are still milking the system for all its worth. While the 360 has played host to some SHMUP classics, there were a plethora of titles in the genre that came out many moons ago that were just as good. In fact, the Dreamcast was one of those consoles that was, and still is, known for its shooter affinity.

Developer Milestone was one of the studios that produced some real gems for Sega’s beloved system. Among those games were Chaos Field and Karous. While both games went on to appear on other systems, they have yet to make their debut on the 360 (which we will be dubbing the “king of kings” going forward). Nevertheless, a single bundle-pack containing a few of Milestone’s titles popped up on Fammys.com, a popular Japanese online retailer, earlier this morning revealing a bundle entitled “Sakura Flamingo Archives”. Before the listing was pulled, it was shown to include Chaos Field, Karous, Radirgy, Illvelo and Radirgy Noa. Furthermore, the five packaged games were said to have new modes and a score ranking option to boot.

While there has been no word on the validity behind this rumor, such a release doesn’t seem out of the question or unrealistic in the slightest, especially considering the amount of compilations the genre seems to produce. All the same, check back for something more concrete as it becomes available.