Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition is Good For Activision, Bad For Gamers

Getting our hands on a game earlier is always better, so it’s hard to find much to complain about with the Day One Edition of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. That being said, it calls into question what this will mean for the launch of the game. While at this point it seems like those who have already pre-ordered the title (which we imagine is quite substantial) will receive an automatic upgrade to this edition, it’s been stated that quantities are limited and not everybody will receive it. Thankfully, those stuck with the standard edition will be able to obtain a code to download all of the Day Zero special content, so it should be an even playing-field in that respect. But what about purchasing the game itself?

As it seems at this point that the majority of customers who buy the game at launch will receive the Day Zero Edition, we can only imagine that the premier midnight launches will take place on the night of November 2. But where does that leave those who are forced to purchase the standard edition? Two possibilities: retailers will hold two midnight launches for the game — one for Day One and one for standard — or there will be simply one midnight launch and other customers will have to wait to pick up the game until retailers open for business the morning of November 4.

If the latter happens, it would not only be hard to swallow for those in the situation, but it means that for all intents and purposes that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare launches on November 3. If all of the fanfare — launch trailers, midnight launches, livestreams, etc — happens on the third, it leaves the official release date as an afterthought.

So in reality, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will technically launch on November 3 and this is simply a way to ensure pre-orders are high for the title.

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