Hotline Miami Lands On PS4 August 19

Subtly announced a couple days ago, Digital Devolver CFO Fork Parker has revealed the release date for Hotline Miami on PS4 to be August 19, along with detailing some of the version’s unique features.

Abstraction Games is developing the port, and have done their best not to tamper with the original game.  However, there are some new features added that make use of the Dualshock 4’s unique capabilities.  The Dualshock 4 touch pad can be used to look around and lock on enemies, and shaking the controller performs execution moves.  For more in-depth executions, the sounds of the execution moves come through the Dualshock 4 speakers.  Of course, you can completely ignore these new features and play without them.

Hotline Miami is also a Cross-Buy title, so if you already own it on PS3 or PS Vita, then you’ll receive the PS4 version at no additional cost.  A pretty sweet deal that ensures you’ll be ready for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number when it launches later this year.