Phantasy Star Nova Demo Now Available to Download

Phantasy Star Nova is just one of the many games on our radar for this coming Fall. While Sega has gone on record to say that Nova will not be localized for the West, that hasn’t stopped Phantasy Star’s ravenous fanbase from frothing at the mouth whenever news drops concerning the upcoming Vita title. Although the game’s November release date is still a bit far out, as of today we at least have a demo to tide us over for the next three months. The Nova Battle Demo is currently up on the Japanese PlayStation Store, which can be easily accessed by setting up a Japanese PSN account on your Vita. Thankfully, the file is fairly small in size, clocking in at a mere 1181 MB, meaning you probably won’t have to furiously delete too much stuff on your memory card just to make room for the game (because, you know, no one actually has a Vita memory stick larger than 4GB, thanks to Sony assaulting customers with their insane pricing of the damn things)!

So mosey on over to the Japanese PSN store to get your download on. In the meantime, scope the prologue trailer below just to remind yourself of how awesome Nova will be when it launches on November 27 exclusively in the Land of the Rising Sun.