Scorestreaks Confirmed, Detailed for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

One feature sorely missed from Call of Duty: Ghosts was the scorestreak mechanic introduced in Black Ops II. Many speculated the return of scorestreaks after the story trailer featured a multiplayer teaser that with HUD indications that hinted at it, and today, they have been officially confirmed. The Pick 13 (also returning from Black Ops II and formerly Pick 10) create-a-class format will allow players to choose which scorestreaks will be included in their class. Players can also, for a cost, customize scorestreaks to make them more powerful. For example, a Remote Turret can be customized into a Rocket Turret Module. Up to three scorestreaks can be utilized (or none at all) and a wild card can be used for a fourth scorestreak, also at a cost.

In addition to customizable scorestreaks, the game introduces Co-Op Scorestreaks, where for the first time two players can now join up a scorestreak and work together. This will allow those that may not always get the chance to experience the high-end scorestreaks.

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