Sega Reveals Release date and Pre-order Bonus for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd

One of the best rhythm games of last year is set for an encore for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on November 18 in North America and three days later in other regions.

Project Diva F 2nd continues the series involving virtual super star Hatsune Miku and company. Sega has revealed a pre-order bonus for those that reserved at select retailers. An “Americana” outfit, or module, sporting the red, white and blue colors with stars added in for good measure.

Those who pre-ordered at Gamestop will also be getting a character pack with three other characters to play as. Thankfully, Diva F 2nd will award those who have the first game with three characters for free. So you can give those less fortunate your extra pack and make their day. Stay tuned for more information as Project Diva F 2nd dances to your PS3 and Vita this November.

Americana Miku

Akita Neru

Yowane Haku

Kasane Teto