Alien: Colonial Marines Drama Winding Down With A $1.25 Million Settlement

Its been over a year since Sega and Gearbox Software launched the truly awful Aliens: Colonial Marines.  The difference in quality between the demos at E3 and PAX and the final retail copy were so striking that Plaintiff Damion Perrine filed a class action lawsuit against the developer and publisher for false advertising.  While the battle between Sega and Gearbox Software rages on, the battle between Sega and Damion is drawing to a close.

Court documents reveal that Sega is ready to settle, though they claim that this is not, “admission, concession or evidence of any fault, misrepresentation or omission.”  Rather, they want to stop bleeding money.  The $1.25 million settlement was submitted to a California court yesterday, which means we’ll likely hear back sometime in September.  Approval would absolve Sega of any further litigation, but not Gearbox Software.

The $1.25 million won’t all go the plaintiff, but will be split among many people.  $312, 500 goes to cover Plaintiff Damion’s attorney fees and $200,000 for administration costs.  Damion is eligible for up to $2500, and the rest will be split between consumers who purchased the game before February 13, 2013 and filed a claim form with the plaintiff, which is an estimated 135,000 people.

One chapter of the Aliens: Colonial Marines saga closes, yet another stays open.  Sega is currently suing Gearbox Software for funneling money for Aliens: Colonial Marines  into other projects like Borderlands 2.  Gearbox Software is fighting back stating that they had no reason to funnel money into different projects as they don’t get any royalties from the game.  Gearbox recently filed a motion to be removed from the class action suit.