Gamescom 2014: PlayStation Now Hits Europe In 2015

Sony’s game streaming service is coming to Europe next year.  At today’s Gamescom press conference, Sony confirmed that PlayStation Now, which is in open beta in North America, will be making the jump across the Atlantic Ocean in 2015.  The UK will get the beta first before making its way to mainland Europe.

PlayStation Now is Sony’s cloud streaming service that delivers PS3 games across PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and select Sony Bravia TVs.  The service was announced at CES 2014 as a way to deliver older games to gamers on new platforms.  Though only limited to PS3 games, Sony has hinted that PS2 and PS1 games could come in the future.

In open beta in North America, PlayStation Now has been taking a beating from gamers and critics due to the pricing model.  Sony may change the prices in the future, and haven’t set prices for Europe yet.