Wefiends Launch Kickstarter for Dandy

Wefiends have been working on a few projects and their latest is Dandy, which looks to offer a cool shoot ‘em up experience. A Kickstarter campaign has just been launched for the game, where you assume the role of a top hat wearing candy-alchemist battling evil in a candy coated world.

Here’s how the developers put it:

“You soar through a strange unknown world as Dandy, searching for lost ingredients of the past. The local fauna is comprised of strange, aggressive creatures which aim to stop you. To dispatch these creatures you must be deliberate; every movement, every shot fired, even killing the enemies in the wrong order can have deadly consequences. The ingredients you find on your path act as permanent power ups, and change the way you play. The longer you survive, the more ingredients you stack and the more mysteries you uncover.”

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for Dandy and also visit the game’s official website for more information on this rather cute looking SHMUP or “cute ‘em up.” You can also check out a gameplay trailer for Dandy with some commentary below.