Gamescom 2014: Watch 12 Minutes of Battlefield Hardline’s Single Player Campaign

At Gamescom, EA showcased Battlefield Hardline‘s single-player campaign for the very first time. With over 10 minutes of gameplay in large snippets, you can really get a feel for just how the game will feel. There appears to be a lot of story content offered up, and being able to play as either a cop or robber will actually feel much different in single-player. When using a cop, you’ll do cop things, while criminals will be far less focused on the bigger picture of maintaining peace whenever possible and be out to cause as much chaos as possible.  Given that one of the biggest issues people had with the multiplayer beta was that cops and criminals each felt similar, this is fantastic news. They’ve shown off some new multi-player modes as well, ensuring that Hardline has enough content to please fans for quite some time.