Azure Striker Gunvolt Release Date Revealed

Inti Creates has made some amazing games, including Mega Man Zero, so when word got out that they would be making a game that played a bit like the Mega Man series, the fandom rejoiced. Azure Striker Gunvolt is coming to the 3DS eShop on August 29. In the game, a large conglomerate controls the world and oppresses those with special powers, and it’s up to Gunvolt to use his lightning powers to save the world from their oppression. The game will be released for $15 and should be a must-have for anyone who loves any form of 2D Mega Man game. The devopment team worked with Keiji Inafune on the game, and they’ll also be working on Mighty No. 9 as well.

While Capcom is content to let Mega Man lay dormant, it’s good to see developers forge ahead with games that show that the franchise’s gameplay remains fun at its core, even without well-known characters attached to the sub-genre. For long-time fans, it really shouldn’t be too much of an adjustment since we’ve gone from the Mega Man series to the Star Force games, which share no characters between them, while the Mega Man X and Zero games were largely new casts with a canon connection to the past games, but a different cast of characters aside from references to the past and the Dr. Light hologram.