Fans Petition to Pay Tribute to Robin Williams in World of Warcraft, The Legend of Zelda

In a week that we all hoped was going to be filled with news from Gamescom about highly anticipated games and new IP’s the biggest news, unfortunately, was the passing of Robin Williams.

While Williams was an amazing person and great actor he was also an avid video game fan. Case and point he named his daughter Zelda and also starred in a commercial for Ocarina of Time 3D. Williams loved video games so it’s only right that fans want him to be immortalized in two of his favorites.

Fans of Williams have taken to the internet and started two separate petitions to have Williams added as an NPC in both World of Warcraft and The Legend of Zelda with the WoW petition being successful at 10,957 supporters.

The petition was successful barely a day after it was started and, technical game designer, Chadd Nervigg tweeted that WoW was working on it. While we don’t know how he’ll be added to the game fans did ask that Williams’ character deliver jokes in the Worlds End Tavern.

The Zelda petition, while technically not successful, has reached over 69,000 supporters. So you can only imagine that Nintendo, with this much fan support coupled with the fact that Williams openly endorsed them, will in some way show appreciation to him in their upcoming title. Nick Schaedel, the petition starter, doesn’t want a big addition in his honor. He simply wants a character to be named “Robin.”

“I don’t think it fair to expect him to be the ‘King of Hyrule’, nor do I think Mr Williams would have wanted that. In my mind, all I pictured was a humble villager on a hilltop somewhere, with a few goats and a nice view. Not an incarnation of the man, but a tribute to him.”

Schaedel understands as well that this may take some time as Nintendo may want to reach out to Williams’ family about the addition and that may take even more with the recent news regarding Robin’s daughter, Zelda. Even if Nintendo for whatever reason decide not to add Williams a petition with so many supporters is a touching tribute in and of itself.