New Characters Teased in Latest Heroes of the Storm Clip

Since 2013, a (growing) group of lucky players have been part of Blizzard’s entry into the MOBA genre: Heroes of the Storm. Pulling from all of their IPs, characters from the Diablo, StarCraft and WarCraft universes confront each other in a 5v5 format across several unique and interesting maps.

Diverging from other MOBAs in a number of ways – no last-hitting, no item purchasing, no individual kills – and focusing on providing novel map mechanics, diverse heroes and objective-focused gameplay, Heroes of the Storm is a TON of fun that is a bit more accessible than some of the genre’s heavyweights.

For gamescom, the team released a preview of three new characters: Anub’arak, the overgrown beetle raiders will recognize from the Trial of the Crusader in WoW’s WotLK expansion, Azmodan from Diablo and Chen Stormstout from the Warcraft universe. The game’s success will hinge on Blizzard’s ability to consistently bolster its map and hero rosters, and it doesn’t seem that they have any intent of slowing in the near future.