Next Gears of War to be called ‘Repercussion,’ Reveal in November?

Late Wednesday night, Xbox briefly streamed a teaser screen that had a very ominous title and description. For a minute, the stream was titled “gow_repercussion” said that “Gears of War” was being played. More still the video description simply stated “embargo 11/7/14.” This has lead many to speculate that Xbox could have accidentally leaked the next Gears of War title and reveal date.

Gears of War has yet to debut on Microsoft’s current gen console, so this could very well be the Xbox One debut of the series. Additionally, the title “repercussion” could also lend itself well to the title of a Xbox One remastering pack of the original four games.

Whatever it is, it seems too specific to be merely a coincidence. We’ll follow the story and update when applicable.

Check out a screenshot of the stream below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.18.49 PM