Pandora Released on the OUYA

The OUYA has a solid selection of multimedia apps, but it’s still lacking some major ones. Today, one of the biggest music streaming services hit the system as Pandora made its debut on the platform. As a new Pandora user, I found setup to incredibly easy to use. The activation code to authorize the OUYA is very short and easy to remember, and the layout is fantastic. The app is controller-optimized and doesn’t rely on the touchpad for anything. The large icons make navigation a breeze, and I love the fairly large cover art used for songs.

I like that it throws similar artists in there as it led to me hearing Whitfield for the first time and I already dig their stuff as a result. It reminds me of how I discovered the Matthew Good Band in 1999 thanks to just having MuchMusic on and seeing the MGB video for “Strange Days”.  Pandora’s a fine music app, and doesn’t take up much space on the storage-strapped system.