The Bots are Back in Town in Latest Sunset Overdrive Video

Sunset Overdrive, with its shiny new white Xbox One bundle, aims to bring some fun to a console currently lacking in excitement. We’re in the midst of a full fledged Xbox One game drought, so every detail about the console’s soon to be strong lineup should bring a smile to millions of faces around the world. In an ultra corporate-cool edition of Sunset TV, we got to witness the combat variation that the FizzCo Bots bring into the mix:

Because the Bots are weak against energy weapons, as opposed to the OD’d’s fire vulnerability, players will have to constantly change their weapons on the fly based upon the situation. This should lead to some frenetic mind-work, as a superb combination of speed and wit will be needed to succeed.

Sunset Overdrive will release on October 31st  exclusively (yes, actually exclusively) on the Xbox One