Game Boy Jam Provides Quality Nostalgia; Voting is Live

We live in an exciting age.

Virtual reality is rapidly evolving, increasing in quality and affordability. We’re more connected than ever thanks to the preponderance of smartphones and other internet-connected devices, the prevalence of data networks not tethering us to our homes and the sheer number of social networks we’re able to engage, share, and communicate on.

For gamers seeking a break from the norm, there’s something even better: game jams. Far from a delicious, sugary toast topping made of pixels, game jams are time-restricted contests where developers create games around a central theme.

Right now, the Gameboy Jam over on Game Jolt – created by restrostark (@retrostark) -is in the voting phase, and over 250 entries are available for your playing and evaluating pleasure. Sporting familiar, nostalgic feels thanks to the restricted color palette, art style and resolution. Featuring entirely original assets, these games run the gamut from spaceflight simular to puzzler to roguelike and are definitely worth your time.

Hundreds of developers (and teams of developers) put their noses to as many grindstones to crank out these games and their work deserves recognition.

As of right now, there are just over four and a half days left to cast your vote for your favorite entry.