Madden Season Trailer Makes Us Go WTF?

Kevin Hart, that dude from that movie, Epic Meal Time, a singer in a tinfoil dress, a violin playing teddy bear rising up from your pool.  These are the things that we all think about come mid-to-late August when it’s time once again for some grid-iron gaming goodness in the annual release of Madden football.

Wait… WTF?  None of that says football, and yet for some reason, that’s exactly the ad that EA Sports has put out for this year’s version of the game, it’s Madden Season, and words simply can’t describe how bat-crap insane this advertising campaign is, so without further adieu, here it is:

At least Von Miller was in there, so there was at least one actual real-life football presence (Richard Sherman was digital). What’s your take on this mess, is this going to sell games?  Do you suddenly want to go out and buy Madden, and if yes, were you going to anyway even without this nutbag campaign?  If no, what could they have done to sell this game that wasn’t this?