Retro Consoles: Another Challenger Appears – Super Retro Trio

We love our retro video games, we grew up with “Ataris”, “Nintendos”, Geneses and other consoles that made us who we are today.  As of late, it seems every company with some sort of technical know-how is working on a console that combines many of these systems into one box. has announced today that the Super Retro Trio is now available and they’re calling it “dream come true for those of you who still have original retro game cartridges”.

The Super Retro Trio’s box allows you to play Nintendo NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games from their original cartridges, which is cool, but I imagine if you still have these cartridges, there’s a good bet you still have the original consoles, so why would you need a Super Retro Trio?  Let’s take a look at the selling points:

  • Compatible with original and third party controllers
  • Includes 2 controllers
  • AV / S-Video connectors
  • AC Adapter
  • Region free: PAL / NTSC / PF / NJ Region Switch

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Ok, so this isn’t an HD version like the Hyperkin RetroN 5, but at least it comes with two controllers that look a lot like the original SNES controllers.  However, if you don’t like those, the console is also compatible with the original controllers for the game systems its supports. This would be a decent choice if you didn’t own the consoles and were looking to start a retro game collection it would seem.

For those who do have the original consoles, however, perhaps hearing from the general manager Andy Pearson will give insight into why we would prefer this over the originals?

“I own a NES, SNES and Mega Drive and the biggest convenience for me is not having to switch between cables and inputs on my TV – everything goes through one input! I also love that you can leave in one of your favorite cartridges for each format and switch between them using the console switch. You also get 2 great controllers but I like to switch between using those and the original controllers sometimes. It also plays pretty much everything I’ve thrown at it, PAL/NTSC, Japanese, USA, UK, etc! It’s also worth mentioning that the pin connectors are a lot more reliable than my old consoles, a lot less blowing into the cartridges involved (although some of the carts do still need it)”

Ok so it does have the nice benefit of saving space, and it’s a newer console so it may work better than the wear and tear of your old devices but is it worth it?  For 75 pounds (approximately 125 dollars), the price point isn’t bad, but unless you’re looking to start a retro game collection and you don’t have the originals or one of the retro consoles that puts everything in high-def, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about this one.