Tales of Xillia Gets A Video Recap For Those Too Excited To Play Tales of Xillia 2 First

Tales of Xillia 2 will be seeing a release this Tuesday and looks to be another excellent entry in the long running Tales series. All of us that had fun exploring the first game look to be in for a treat as the second game largely follows in the first’s footsteps in terms of characters, locations and plot. But what if you haven’t played the first game yet? My advice would be “go play it, it is awesome.” But what if you haven’t played the first game but really, really want to play the second one like NOW? Well, you are kind of weird, and most likely made up.

Luckily, Sony has always catered to the weird, made up people demographic like no other company, and they have released a story recap for the first Tales of Xillia if you just want to skip straight to the second one. It might also serve as a nice refresher for anyone who has played the first one but doesn’t have that great of a short term memory. The video is included below, and while it doesn’t really cover the entire game it should provide enough if you just want to jump straight into the second one on Tuesday.

But seriously, just go play the first one.