Dual Destinies Gets An iOS Release And Lets You Play The First Case Free

Phoenix Wright has always been one to help out a client in a tough spot, so of course he’d be the kind of guy to let you play through the whole first case free. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies is not just a game that seems to have been named by someone that was getting paid by the punctuation. It is an all around excellent title and a great continuation to an already great series, so sayeth us, the official arbiter in all things that are awesome. While we were big fans of the 3DS version of the title, the game was recently released on iOS and this looks to be the version to get if you have been holding out so far. If you are feeling cheap you can pick up the first episode for free right now. Or if you’re looking for a deal, for $15 you can purchase the entire game plus the DLC case, which is half of the price of just the game itself on the eShop. Or if you’re really bad with math and money, you can buy each case separately for $5 a piece.


Something something that last option is a waste of money don’t do it. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.