Japan Gets Five-Disc Bayonetta 2 Soundtrack

Bayonetta 2’s October release is fast-approaching. While we are doing everything we can to pass the time, our unbridled excitement for the game can’t be denied or adequately contained nevertheless. Today’s news doesn’t help our cause either, as Sega revealed that it will be releasing Bayo 2’s soundtrack in Japan. This five-disc collection will be handled by Wavemaster, Sega’s in-house label, and will launch on October 29 for approximately $50. It’s unlikely this baby will see the light of day in North America, but seeing as it’s just a soundtrack, importing it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. We know we’ll certainly be ordering it when it goes live.

This is an interesting move, too, since there haven’t been many OST releases for Wii U games. Of course, if there’s going to be one, we fully support Bayonetta being chosen. As of now, there is no track listing, though, the album is said to feature all the music from the game. Lead composer, and Platinum Games veteran, Masami Ueda, is at the composer’s helm for this one, but it would seem plausible that he isn’t manning the project alone, possibly collaborating with various external, and maybe even internal, bigwigs.