Bundle Stars Titatium Bundle Released – 10 Games For $5

The Bundle Stars are back with what they’re proclaiming to be their best bundle yet, and it’s hard to argue with the results. For $5 – the cost of a large pizza at 7-11, you can get a 4-Pack of Murder Miners, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Puddle, Wooden Sensey, Super Lemonade Factory, a 2-Pack of Space Farmers, Terrorhedron, Kill Fun Yeah, Project Root, and Spy Chameleon: RGB Agent. You get some really good stuff here, and things like Wooden Sensey and Kill Fun Yeah are things I hadn’t heard of before, but look like they offer up some fun action-platforming action. Anyone who loved Battleblock Theater should enjoy Kill Fun Yeah since it’s got that same co-op platforming style, but you can screw over your friends too. If you’re in the mood for platforming or just about any kind of shooting action, buy this bundle before it’s too late.