Metro 2033 and Last Light 75% Off on Steam

With the Redux versions of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light coming in about a week, it makes sense to have a digital clearance for the original versions of the games. Until August 22, you can get Metro 2033 for $3.74, or pick up Metro: Last Light Complete for only $4.99. With the Redux versions costing $25 each, this is a fantastic way to check out the series for only $8 if you haven’t done so already. If that describes you, then buy them both – you’re out less than $10 and both game is worth that easily. While 2033 has suffered a bit with age, Last Light is incredible and will see the fewest improvements in Redux form. If you can only get one of the games, get Last Light since that gets the whole survival first-person adventure vibe down pat, and is more polished than 2033.