Elysian Shadows Team to Release Dreamcast Dev Kit

Most Kickstarter games are announced for modern platforms such as PC, PSN, Wii Shop, and XBLA. Elysian Shadows tweaked the formula by announcing a game for PC, smartphones, and Dreamcast. Homebrew Dreamcast games are generally awesome but only a handful of people even know how to create them.

That may all change now because Elysian Shadows Team are going to release their development kit. ESTk removes the need for someone to create their own toolkit from scratch. It is also modeled after Unity, which has become a very popular development environment. Anyone who buys Elysian Shadows shall receive access.

Using ESTk creators can make games for Dreamcast as well as Android, iOS, Ouya, and PC. If they can manage to reach some stretch goals then ESTk’s cross-platform capabilities will be expanded to cover 3DS, PS4, Vita, Wii U, and Xbox One.