Fortified Blasts into Action in Spring 2015

Clapfoot, an independent developer known for its Android and iOS titles Hero Forge and Tank Hero, is set to officially unveil its newest games at PAX Prime at the end of the month. Fortified, a science-fiction-based RTS-shooter hybrid, marks the first ever PC and console release for the quirky studio. Hitting personal computers and a soon-to-be-announced console in Spring 2015, Fortified places players in the role of one of four Cold War-era character classes as they aim to defeat a hilariously terrifying alien invasion.

A marraige between real-time strategy defense mechanisms and action-packed third-person shooting feels like a match made in heaven. Furthermore, one only has to take a brief look at Fortified‘s official teaser trailer to see how quirky the moment-to-moment gameplay has the potential to be. From the hysterical movement styles to the ridiculous robot animations, it appears as though there will be no shortage of charm in this antique-filtered title. Players will be able to play with up to three friends, so anticipate some chaotic four-player cooperative action.

Clapfoot co-founder Mark Ng provided a statement demonstrating the team’s enthusiasm for its new IP, noting:

Clapfoot’s had success creating entertaining games in the mobile space, but we’ve always wanted to move into making titles for PC and console. Fortified begins a new era of development for us and we’re thrilled to provide gamers with genre-bending gameplay that brings a fresh approach to base defense games.

Those lucky enough to secure a highly-coveted PAX Prime pass should be able to give Fortified a shot on the show floor in Seattle.